Episode 3

Published on:

24th Feb 2021

My Hearing

My Hearing . . . 

How do I hear You

when . . .

my inner voice

drowns you out?

You speak

so many different ways.

In storms

and in

the still small voice.

Am I deaf

or is it

something else

preventing me

from hearing?

You do hear

yet not perceive,

having different


Open up

your heart ears

And See.


God is never silent and is always speaking. Scripture teaches us through many examples people just like us have always been hearing God speak. There are literally thousands of examples in both testaments for us to read.

Have you ever wondered why God speaks in so many different ways? Have you considered the preferred way you hear God speak and observe how others hear differently? This will give you clues to why God speaks differently with us all. Even a Husband and Wife can hear God speak to them independently and have the same confirming answer although both have heard their answers uniquely.

For example, one had a dream and the other received a scripture. You may wonder which one was the most trusted answer and my guess is you would say the scripture? Unfortunately, we have our own perceptions of how God should speak or if He still speaks in this modern age.

God is never constrained by anything when He speaks. Job writes 'God speaks one way then another, yet man does not perceive it'. It's our lack of being able to hear which is the issue. For example, the couple I  referred to earlier both heard God. The Husband heard the message in a dream and dreaming was not a familiar thing for him. His wife received a scripture while reading a Christian book with no connection to the issue at hand. No, she didn't receive it from reading the Bible.

The amazing thing to note is this couple heard from God independently and the issue was solved and they both received peace. The question could be why did God choose to do it this way and only God can answer that question.

I have asked God questions over the years and been astounded by His answers and how they came to me. Likewise, others have had similar experiences. The main issue I had was my expectations of how God would or should answer me.

This is a trap anyone can fall into. Let God be God and do things His way and at the same time ask Him to teach you how to hear and see. If you drop all your expectations and any doctrines you have around this, I believe God will teach you how to hear and see Him and have answers. If you are unsure of His answer ask again. Ultimately you will KNOW and the peace you have will be the confirmation.

This is an area where you will develop intimacy with God and secure your relationship with Him and learn directly from Him. The exciting thing is the fellowship and the revelations you will have.

Be wise about who you share your revelations with because other people's opinions can cause you to doubt what you have heard. Again, ask God who to share with, if anyone.

One time I was about to ring and make an appointment for some counsel and God interrupted me and asked me if I was going to ask Him first! I immediately asked why and He said: "do you want to get hurt"? Then He told me why.

Proverbs teaches us "In all your ways acknowledge Me and I will direct your paths". It was a very good lesson for me to learn. I really encourage you to invite God to tutor you to hear and see Him.


# Do you want to get close to God to hear His Heart and be taught by Him? Check out 1Jn2:27

# Are you prepared to drop your expectations and start over with a clean slate of expectations? Check out, Job 33:14

# Faith comes by hearing, learn how to hear and what to hear, Rom 10:17

Rom 10:17 Passion Translation

Faith, then, is birthed in a heart that responds to God’s anointed utterance of the Anointed One.

Romans 10:17 NKJV

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

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About the Podcast

Devotional Christian Poetry
Spiritual Food
I was once a Pastor in a Church that owned a Christian bookstore. One Christmas while I was selecting appropriate gifts for our 5 voluntary staff members, I experienced an encounter with God.
After I selected the gifts God said to me, "put the gifts back and take some blank cards home and give them something from the Pastor's desk!" I was excited about this, as I knew God wanted to speak to each one of them.

What He did then astounded me. After I had finished writing, I realized I had written a prophetic message for each of these loyal volunteers written as a poem! That was the day I realized my gift to write poetry, and since then I haven't stopped writing. The wonderful thing about poetry is, it engages with the reader's emotions and touches the heart.

On this podcast show, you will hear me read one of my poems, inspired and written from a revelation I have received from scripture. A reflection about the poem with 3 questions will follow this to engage and inspire you to take action on all the content. I also reference the scripture I have used, and sometimes I will offer some additional comments.

In Psalms are many examples of poetry that color the truth and enhance our experiences as we read them. In Eph 2:20 the Greek word for workmanship is translated from the root word Poema meaning poem. Quoting from the Passion Translation, we have this root word translated poetry. God calls us his poetry (workmanship) in this version, "We have become his poetry, a re-created people that will fulfill the destiny he has given each of us, for we are joined to Jesus, the Anointed One".

This beautiful Translation captures so much more of the emotional truth about us. God is not intimidated about using emotional words to capture who we are.

Embracing the language and subtle nuances God uses in His word have always been my delight and inspiration. Poetry brings a fullness to life which often eludes men especially. Men more so because they connect cognitively more than emotionally. Women connect differently as they feel the inferences of the words, whereas men think about the inferences and question them. Both connections are acceptable to God.

For you, as the listening audience to receive the comfort and revelation wrapped in the words of this poetry, I encourage you to adopt a different mindset and feel the words. Let them speak to your heart. Imagine reading the scripture as you would read a love letter from your adoring spouse! Knowing it was a love letter, how would you approach opening that letter?

I have a revelation to share with you about being washed by scripture. Some years ago while meditating on different scripture I realized when I read the passages I don’t read them, the scripture reads Me! It reads my heart, my soul, my principles, and values and becomes my litmus test to my responses and reactions. It tests me to the core!

As an example here in 2 corr 5:17 states the truth; Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. I have italicized the question this scripture asks me. Am I IN Christ? This is about my daily life not just attending a Sunday service. This is not a question to condemn me, it's questioning my focus. Because I am IN CHRIST, my life changes as I am washed by the water of His Word and He is continually being formed within me.

Every one of us is unique and has our own testimonies of our experiences with God. These stories define and speak about our revelations and encounters with Him. My encounter with God was very significant and taught me how to write poetry.

My desire is that my inspired words of poetry wash over you and connect emotionally with you so you receive the benefits of their truths.

This content can be used in study groups and for devotional material.
For more information, please go to my website www.devotionalchristianpoetry.com where there is a free ebook for you to access and my contact links.

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Lloyd Portman

From as far back as I can remember, I am always fascinated by what makes people tick. Searching behind what drives certain behaviors and finding practical reasons and solutions comes naturally from this fascination.

Having a personal experiential relationship with God was very important to me, rather than a theoretical religious one was my attraction to Him. These experiences started before my conversion and have continued to this day.

After my encounter with God, my poetry was born, and I use poetry to articulate the principles of scripture and the revelations I have experienced.

My podcasts will share these experiences I have had with God during my years of Pastoral ministry and life's school of hard knocks. I encourage you to glean any applicable nuggets and apply your faith to use them, as I used those I heard from other testimonies.

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